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5 Tips for Choosing Unique Music for Your Wedding

Most of you have seen some of the crazy wedding videos featuring unusual processionals, surprise dances, and choreographed grand entrances but what are you going to do for your wedding? If you want to make your wedding ceremony or reception unique with some unexpected music here are a few guidelines to follow.

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Ceremony Music with Lake Michigan DJs

Music and Your Outdoor Wedding

As you plan your outdoor wedding reception, and before you make your final site choice, there are four important factors you need to keep in mind regarding your entertainment: the location of the power source, the size of the reception area, the size of the dance floor and rules of the local noise ordinance.

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Dance Floor with Lake Michigan DJs

Wedding Whining: Common Wedding Guest Complaints

Avoid common reception pitfalls. We all know the saying, “you can’t make everyone happy”. While that may be true, these types of guest criticisms are easily avoided by careful planning. Addressing potential problems now will create fond memories of your wedding day for all of your guests.

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